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Employee Benefits

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Life Insurance - City pays the cost of the premium for either a $30,000 or $40,000 term life insurance for all regular, fulltime employees, as outlined in the appropriate policy or labor agreement.

All employees are eligible to purchase supplemental insurance


Long Term Disability - The City shall pay forty percent (40%) of the cost of the premium for a group long-term disability insurance policy for all full-time regular employees. The employee shall be responsible for sixty percent (60%) of the premium through payroll deduction. After ninety (90) days of total disability, the insurance provides sixty percent (60%) of basic monthly earnings (excluding overtime, bonuses or other cash compensation). Income from other sources, including worker's compensation and government plans such as Social Security and PERA will be deducted from the benefit.


Sick Leave - Employees are our most valuable resource: our sick leave policy is a form of insurance provided to reduce the financial burden of non-occupational illness and injury and to ensure the well being of the employee. Sick leave may be used for personal illness or for personal doctor visits. Full-time, regular employees begin accumulating sick leave from the date of hire. There is a maximum of one year annual salary is paid out upon retirement.  Part-time, regular employees begin accumulating a pro-rated amount of sick leave after working 1,040 hours. However, employees are not eligible to use sick leave for the first thirty (30) days. Regular full-time employees of the City of Austin earn eight (8) hours of sick leave per month (173.3 hours) with no limit as to accumulation. Regular, part-time employees who have worked at least 1,040 hours and work at least twenty (20) hours per week will accrue sick leave on a pro-rated basis of eight (8) hours for each 173.3 hours worked. Employees hired after January 1, 2005 receive 50% of sick leave payout

Sick leave payout request for insurance deductible form
Sick leave for fitness program form


Vacation - The City of Austin provides paid vacation time for all regular full-time employees. We believe that this time off from work is beneficial to the health and welfare of our employees and should be taken each year in accordance with this policy. Regular, part-time employees who have worked at least 1,040 hours and work at least twenty (20) hours per week will receive vacation time on a pro-rated basis.

  • After one (1) year of service - Two (2) weeks vacation (80 hours)
  • After five (5) years of service - Three (3) weeks vacation (120 hours)
  • After twelve (12) years of service - Four (4) weeks vacation (160 hours)
  • After twenty (20) years of service - Five (5) weeks vacation (200 hours)
  • After twenty-five (25) years of service - Six (6) weeks vacation (240 hours)
Worker's Compensation Insurance - Any employee injured on the job and covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance will receive the difference between his or her compensation check and his or her regular wages for the first thirty (30) days following the injury. The time shall not be charged against the employee's vacation leave or other accumulated benefits. After the first thirty days, the employee may apply any unused portion of his or her accumulated sick leave or vacation upon any part of his or her disability for which the employee is not entitled to draw Worker's Compensation Insurance.
Deferred Compensation - Regular full-time employees are invited to participate in the Deferred Compensation Plan. This voluntary supplemental retirement program allows you to have part of your salary withheld and invested for payment to you upon termination. The deferred amount and the interest earned on investment are not subject to current State or Federal income tax. When you receive the money, it will be taxed as ordinary income based on regular W-4 withholdings. The City's Deferred Compensation Plan is regulated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS 457). You may defer up to twenty-five (25%) of your salary up to an I.R.S. maximum in any one calendar year. Three years prior to retirement, you may defer an additional amount under a catch-up provision

Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) - City employee's retirement program is provided by the PERA. Employees contribute a percentage of their total salary to PERA through payroll deduction. The City matches these deductions and contributes an additional percentage to that amount. PERA contributions are refundable upon termination regardless of how many years of service credit you have in the fund. Employer contributions are not refundable. Currently Employees pay Employer 7.25%; Employee 6.25% and Police/Fire - Employer 14.4%; Employee 9.6%.
Credit Union - The Credit Union offers a variety of financial programs and packages including:

  • Payroll deductions for savings and payments
  • Interest-earning savings accounts
  • Low-cost loans
  • Home equity loans
  • Certificate of Deposit

Flexible Benefits Plan - Regular employees who work at least thirty (30) hours per week on a regular basis are eligible for participation in the Flexible Benefits Plan. This program allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible medical and dependent care expense. The result is an increase in your net take-home pay. The City's plan year is January 1 and ends on December 31. To be eligible, employees must enroll by November 30th each year.

HRA claim form
FSA claim form
Dependent Care FSA claim form
MMSI reimbursement direct deposit form
Your Health Care Flexible Spending Account – What are Eligible Expenses?

Employee Assistance Program - All regular employees and their family members will have access to a confidential Employee Assistance Program. This program is designed to assist employees and their families by providing information and/or guidance during stressful or crisis situations. The employee's supervisor or Human Resources may provide you with additional information.
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