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Municipal Pool


Pool Hours
Monday thru Friday 1-4:45 pm
Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8 pm
Saturday 1-6:00 pm
Sunday 2-7:00 pm

May 1 - at the Park & Recreation Office
June 9 - at the Municipal Pool
   Memberships will be available at both locations through pool closing date.
   Purchase a membership and sign up for a swim lesson at the same time           
   and save $10.

Multiple discounted purchases are available for businesses.  Contact the Park & Recreation Office
507-433-1881 for details.

$30 FOR POOL AND TOT LOT; 2 and under are free
Daily afternoon admission is $3 per person.
Evening admission is $2 per person.
Prices include waterslide and splash pad usage.

Everyone, including Tot Lot, must enter through the Main Entrance.


Closing Policy

If there is lightning in the area, the pool will be closed. Pool staff will wait 20 minutes after the last bolt of lightning to reopen.
After the first hour and 45 minutes, if there are less than 25 patrons, the pool will close.
The pool will not open, if the air temperature is 66 degrees or less.
If we are experiencing inclement weather, the pool will not open.



  • An adult must accompany children under 7.
  • Swim diapers are required in the tot and main pool.
  • The waterslide is 104 feet long with one 'S' curve.
  • You must be 48" tall to use the slide.
  • The tot pool is free for children 2 years and under.
  • Do not bring valuables to the pool.
  • No glass or metal containers are allowed in the swimming area.
  • Lost and found items will be kept one week, then destroyed.
  • Mower County Fair week, the pool will not be open in the evening
  • Pay phone cost is $ .25.
  • The concession stand is open during open swim hours.
  • No glass allowed.
Check out the Splash Pad. The water activities
are fun for kids of all ages. Open during regular pool hours

Available for rent starting at 8 pm Monday – Friday and 7 pm Saturday and Sunday
Lifeguards will be present and food can be brought in, but must stay within the fenced in area.
Cost is as follows:

$150/hour Main Pool, Slide, Diving Well and Tot Lot
$135/hour Main Pool, Slide and Diving Well
$100/hour Main Pool and Slide

For more information or to reserve your date, contact the Park & Recreation Office.

Austin Swim & Dive Club
SUMMER SWIM 2014 will assist in developing techniques and conditioning for participants in competitive swimming and diving. Instruction takes place weekday mornings from June 9 through August 1 at Ellis Middle School pool.
The swimming portion of this program is designed for athletes in any grade with at least some competitive swimming experience. Participants must be able to swim 50 yards, which is one lap (down and back). Swimming instruction will take place Monday-Friday from 8:00-10:00. The fee is $75.
The diving portion of this program is designed for students interested in diving competitively. Former high-school divers will teach participants the correct approach to use as well as basic front and back dives. Diving instruction will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30-10:00. (Another day could be added if there is enough participation.) The fee for diving instruction ONLY is $50. *Participants interested in BOTH swimming and diving should pay the $75 fee.
Registration will be taken at the Park & Recreation Office or before practice at the pool. For more information contact: or


Adult Lap Swim 12-1 pm Monday through Saturday.
6:30 - 7:30 pm Tuesday & Thursday


Register early as the number of classes offered and the class sizes are limited. There will be 4-two week sessions of lessons offered, as well as a 10 week Saturday morning session throughout the summer at the Municipal Pool. Sand Dollars & Sea turtles classes will be 30 minutes in length, all others are 40 minutes. See descriptions. EACH TWO WEEK LESSON IS $30.

Session 1 June 16 – 27 Session 3 July 14 – 25
Session 2 June 30 – July 11 Session 4 July 28 – August 8
Morning Lessons
10:00 - 10:40 Sea Turtle Penguin Otter
  Seal Manatee Dolphin
10:40 - 11:20 Sand Dollars Sea Turtle Penguin
  Otter Seal Manatee
11:20 - 12:00 Sea Turtle Penguin Otter
  Seal Manatee Dolphin
Evening Lessons
5:00 - 5:40 Sand Dollars Sea Turtle Penguin
  Otter Seal Manatee
5:40 - 6:20 Sea Turtle Penguin Otter
  Seal Manatee Dolphin
ADAPTIVE AQUATIC LESSONS will be offered based on an individual's needs. Physically challenged participants will be taught basic skills to strengthen arms and legs to their own capability as well as finding a new environment to explore.


Registration for swim lessons must be done in person prior to the start of the lesson at the Austin Park and Recreation Office. Register early as the number of classes offered and the class sizes are limited. Listed below are the course descriptions to assist you when registering. Our office retains a list of prior year enrollment to assist with correct placement in swimming classes.

These two classes will meet for 30 minutes
Sand Dollar: (6-36 months) Parent/Guardians are in the water with infant.
Sea Turtle (3-5 years) It is optional for Parent/Guardians to be in the water with child.

LEARN TO SWIM; classes will meet for 40 minutes each
Penguin: Introduction to Water Skills for ages 5 & up (limit 6 students per class)
Purpose: Learn pool and class rules, gain self confidence, learn to float, paddle stroke 10 yards on front and back, (with PFD), stroke development 25 yards front, back and side (without a floatation).

Otter: Fundamental Aquatic Skills (limit 6 students per class)
Prerequisites: Competency in Penguin
Purpose: Learn four diving safety rules, know pool rules, front and back float, tread water, bob underwater, jump into deep water. Stroke development, rhythmic breathing, surface dive, surface glide and jump off diving board.

Seal: Stroke Development (limit 8 students per class)
Prerequisites: Competency in Otter
Purpose: Know diving safety, swim on front and back 25 yds, wearing PFD, tread water one min. Stroke development 25 yds each, overarm stroke and rotary breathing, breaststroke, backstroke, back alternating overarm and sidestroke with scissor kick. Standing dive, jump off board and start flip turns with assistance.

Manatee: Stroke Improvement (limit 8 students per class)
Prerequisites: Competency in Seal
Purpose: Know diving rules, learn about currents, float 6 min with no floatation, tread water 3 min, with combo kicks. Learn teamwork and water safety. Stroke development 50 yds each, crawl with rotary breathing and open turns, breaststroke, elementary backstroke with a glide, backcrawl w/roll and bent arm w/open turns, sidestoke w/scissor kill and glide and the butterfly 15 yds.

Dolphin: Stroke Refinement (limit 10 students per class)
Prerequisites: Competency in Manatee
Purpose: Learn backyard pool and water park safety. Float and tread water 6 min. Set three self improvement goals. Stroke development 100 yds each, crawl w/rotary breathing and flip turns, breaststroke w/open turns, elementary backstroke w/glide, backcrawl w/open turns, sidestroke w/scissor kick and the butterfly 15 yds. Standing dive w/glide from the board.

You must register for swimming lessons in person!
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