Police Department

Police Department
201 1st Street NE
Austin, MN 55912

Police Department Information

The Austin Police Department (APD) is curently comprised of 31 sworn personnel, 3 Community Service Officers, the Police Reserves, and the Police Explorers. 

Staffing as of January 2003: 1 Chief, 1 Captain, 3 Lieutenants, 3 Sargeants, 4 Detectives, 19 Patrol Officer , 2 School Liason Officer...Totalling 31. The department operates with three shifts of 10 hours each, covering 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

The APD is housed in the Mower County Law Enforcement Center, which is also the home of the Mower County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD), Mower County Court House, Mower County Jail, Mower County Correctional Services, and Mower County Attorney’s Office. The APD jointly works with the MCSD with the support of the Communications Center (Dispatch). The Communications Center operates under nonsworn personnel, whom direct Law Enforcement Officials, Fire Department Officials, and Emergency Response Personnel to reports throughout the city/county, handle emergency calls, and are responsible for many other duties.

The APD is proud to serve the Austin community by Community Policing activities, and works closely with the Austin school system with the help of a 2 School Liason Officer.

Emergency situautions : 911 / Non-emergency situations : (507) 437-9400


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