Board Of Appeals And Equalization

The Board of Appeal and Equalization meets once in the spring to determine whether taxable property in the City of Austin has been properly valued and classified by the assessor, and also to determine whether corrections need to be made. The board is comprised of four members, one from each ward and one at-large representative. Members are asked to take a half-day training session.


Board Of Appeals And Equalization
Taggert Medgaarden 2806 6th Ave SW (at Large) 12/31/2018
Dennis Schminke 2502 6th Ave NW (1st Ward) 12/31/2018
Peter Grover 507 6th Avenue NW (2nd Ward) 12/31/2018
Arianna Hinks 1607 1st Avenue SE (3rd Ward) 12/31/2018