Home Ownership Fund

The Austin/Mower County Home Ownership Fund (Fund) was created jointly by the City of Austin and Mower County in March 1997 pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 471.59. The purpose of this jointly governed organization is to establish and administer a flexible revolving loan fund that will provide home ownership opportunities to families in Mower County, Minnesota, with low and moderate income that are currently unable to purchase a home.

Down-Payment, Closing Cost, and Rehabilitation Assistance
Funds are available in the City of Austin and throughout Mower County that provide a 2% loan up to $6,000 to help cover down-payment and closing costs, or the rehabilitation necessary to purchase a home.  Contact your local real estate agent, local lender, or City Hall at (507) 437-9959 regarding this funding.

Board Members
Terri Stough At-Large 12/31/25
Taggert Medgaarden County resident 12/31/26
Jeff Austin Council 12/31/25
Mike Ankeny Commissioner 12/31/25
Dan Sparks Commissioner 12/31/24
Steve Leif Mower Co Lender 12/31/26
Paul Fischer Council 12/31/24
Kris Heichel Board of Realtors 12/31/26
Mary Lindgren DCA 12/31/24
City Administrator
Administrative Services Director
Planning and Zoning Administrator
Trish Harren
Mower County Administrator
Crystal Peterson
Mower County Human Services Director
Angie Lipelt
Mower County Planner
Administrative Services Director
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December 31, 2019 and 2018 Audit Report
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