PET RESTRICTIONS: Pets are not allowed in: Todd, Marcusen, Morning Lions, Shirley Theel, Nature Center, or Lafayette. Pets are allowed in other parks with the following restrictions: 1) Pets must be on a leash.  2) The owner must clean up after their pet.

PET EXERCISE AREAS:  Areas have been established at the following locations: east of Marcusen Stadium and south of 9 Avenue SE, the area west of St. John’s Church, north of 13 Avenue and west of 12 Street NW, the north end of Eastside Lake and south of 8 Avenue NE from the bridge west, and Whittier Park at 3 Avenue SE and 6 Street SE. In these areas pets may be off their leash but must be under control of their owners at all times.  Owners must clean up after their own pet.