As required by Minnesota Administrative Rule 6700.1615, Subpart 2(A), listed below is the current version of each department policy as identified in the referenced Rule.

o Use of Force Policy
o Eyewitness Identification Procedures Policy
o Officer Conduct Complaint Policy
o Professional Conduct of Officer’s Policy
o Domestic Abuse Policy
o Racial Profiling Policy
o Investigation of Sexual Assault Policy
o Public Assembly – First Amendment Activity Policy
o Missing and Endangered Persons Policy
o Community Notification of Predatory Offender Policy
o Vehicle Pursuit and Emergency Vehicle Operations Policy
o Criminal Conduct on School Buses Policy
o Lighting Exemption of Law Enforcement Vehicles Policy
o Administrative Forfeiture Policy
o Confidential Informants Policy
o Supervision of Part-time Licensed Peace Officers Policy
o Automated License Plate Reader Policy – Not Applicable
o Portable Recording Systems Policy – Not Applicable
o Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Policy

o ERPO Firearms Storage Procedure – Not Applicable