Camp Fires

City of Austin—Local Ordinance

  • Fuel must be unpainted and untreated wood, coal or charcoal.
  • Fires for food preparation in Sutton Park require a permit. Permits can be obtained from the Park and Recreation Office located at 500 NE 4 Avenue or by calling 433-1881.

Minnesota Fire Code

Fires shall not be conducted within twenty-five (25) feet of a structure, combustible materials, or property lines. Fires contained within a grill, fire ring, fire pit, or other approved appliance shall maintain a fifteen – (15) foot separation from combustible materials or structures. A 55-gallon drum is not an approved appliance.

Fire extinguisher, buckets of sand or water, shovels or garden hoses shall be readily available.

Fires shall be constantly attended by a person knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishing equipment.

The fire shall be supervised until fully extinguished.

The Fire Chief (or authorized representative) is authorized to require that open burning be immediately discontinued, if the Fire Chief determined that smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding property or if the open burning is determined by the chief to constitute a hazardous condition.


To notify the Law Enforcement Center (LEC) of permitted open burning, call 437-9400.
If you have questions concerning open burning in the City of Austin, call the Fire Department at 433-3405.