Firefighter Seha entered our department into a Fire-Dex Contest in late 2023. He was informed that our department was chosen as a recipient. We are thankful for the entry by Firefighter Seha and the items below provided to our department from Fire-Dex.

10 Fire-Dex Gloves
10 Fire-Dex Hoods
10 bags of Fire Department Coffee

Photo is of Fire Chief Jim McCoy, Firefighter Josh Seha, Fire-Dex Representative Jeff Paul and MESFire Representative Shelly Mehl.

Austin Masonic Lodge #39 donated three Fire Suppression Devices to the Austin Fire Department. These devices can be deployed by pulling the pin and throwing the device into the fire. Within 35 seconds some fires can be suppressed and the temperature can drop over 1,000 degrees. This makes a safer environment during fire emergency situations.

Thank you to the Austin Masonic Lodge #39 for the donation of these three Fire Suppression Tools.

Photo is of Neil Hanson, Steve Neiswanger, Fire Chief Jim McCoy, Brad Stout and Otto Volkert.

The Austin Fire Department was awarded a $2,500 Foundation Donation from International Paper towards the purchase of turnout gear.  Receiving this grant is of great value to our department.  Turnout gear is an essential PPE used to protect firefighters during emergency incidents.

Photo is of Fire Engineer Matt Wyse; Les Powell, Complex EHS Manager; Fire Chief Jim McCoy; and Representative Patricia Mueller.




Fire hydrant flushing will take place in the northwest quadrant this Spring. It will begin in May and continue through the summer. The Austin Fire Department performs this maintenance annually to ensure hydrants are in working order and to clear accumulated minerals and sediments from the water lines.

When hydrant flushing is being performed you may see water rushing out the side of the hydrant. Your home water may have an orange or rusty tint; although, is safe to use and drink. This discoloration is caused by iron sediments in the water main which are disturbed during the flushing process. If discoloration does occur within your home water, run the COLD water for several minutes and flush your toilets once or twice, this should clear your lines. If you have any questions or concerns regarding hydrant flushing, please call the Austin Fire Department at 507-433-3405.




Austin, Minn. — With the recent snowfall, the Austin Fire Department is reminding citizens of the need to clear snow and ice from around the hydrant leaving a three foot wide perimeter and a path to the street. This protects you, your family, and your neighbors and assists emergency personnel by providing immediate access to hydrants when needed.

Please take time to clear around the hydrants when you are shoveling your sidewalks or driveways and help neighbors and friends who are elderly or have a medical condition and are unable to take care of this themselves. The safety of our community is of the utmost importance.

Fire Department

Welcome to the Austin Fire Department.  Our department is made up of many dedicated employees and community members that strive to keep you safe.

The department consists of 30 trained staff members.  Eleven full-time staff which includes the Chief, three Commanders and six Engineers providing 24 hour coverage in three shift intervals and one Administrative Assistant.  Included in our staff are 19 part-time fire fighters who provide added service to the citizens of the Austin community in addition to their regular employment.

Austin Fire Department
(507) 433-3405

Fire Station
122 1st Avenue NE
Austin, MN 55912
(507) 433-3405

Due to Covid19, burning permits will not be issued within the City of Austin.  Any violations for burning within the City of Austin when a permit is required will result in citations being issued.  Recreational fires are allowed with unpainted and untreated wood, coal or charcoal.  Recreational fires must not be within 25 feet of a structure or any combustible materials.  Fires contained within an approved appliance shall maintain a 15 foot separation from combustible materials or structures.  A 55 gallon drum is not an approved appliance.  Fire extinguisher, buckets of sand or water, shovels or garden hoses shall be readily available.  Recreational fires shall be constantly attended by a person knowledgeable in the use of fire extinguishing equipment and shall be supervised until fully extinguished.  Remember to following social distancing when conducting recreational fires.

As the situation with Covid19 evolves, there may be updates made.  Please watch your local news or check the City of Austin Facebook page. 


It is with much appreciation that International Paper has awarded the Austin Fire Department a $5000 Foundation Donation.  These dollars were used to purchase a thermal imaging camera assisting with fire crew safety and savings lives on the fire ground.

Photo is of Felipe Juarez, International Paper Site Manager, and Les Powell, Complex EHS Manager, presenting the grant check from International Paper for $5000 to Fire Chief Jim McCoy.


Thank you International Paper for awarding the Austin Fire Department a $5500 Foundation Donation.  These dollars are very much appreciated and were used to purchase firefighter gloves and hoods to protect against hazardous cancer causing particulates during fire emergencies.

Photo is of Les Powell, International Paper NRP, CSSS, HM-M, SAPA, RSO, FF-III Complex EHS Manager; Austin Fire Chief Jim McCoy; and Felipe A. Juarez, International Paper Site Manger.


Thank you Alliance Pipeline for awarding the Austin Fire Department a $5000 Safe Community Grant.  These dollars are greatly appreciated and will be used to purchase a Thermal Imaging Camera. 

Photo is of Randy Phillips, Corridor Management form the Alliance Pipeline – MN, presenting the check to Austin Fire Chief Jim McCoy.

Hydrant Flushing

Shoveling Out Your Nearest Fire Hydrants

“Close before you doze” A reminder to shut your bedroom door while you sleep. 

Grilling Safety Tips

U.S. Home Heating Equipment Fires

Jim McCoy, Fire Chief - ', MN

Jim McCoy, Fire Chief

Jim McCoy, Fire Chief

Tom Schulte, Commander

Troy Tigner, Commander

Josh Kunze, Commander

Tim Hansen, Inspector

Chris Grunewald, Assistant Inspector/Engineer

Jim Halsey, Assistant Inspector/Engineer

Tim Olson, Engineer

Hans Gilbert, Engineer

Matthew Wyse, Engineer

Marie Ree, Administrative Assistant

Part-time Firefighters
Duane Salinas
Heath Deters Justin Bickler
Ben Nelson
Jeremy Carolan
Ian Caruso
Dan Petersen Ernie Hammero
Joe Mattice
Tim Rodgers
Nate Petersen
Joshua Seha
Logan Goskesen
William Grunewald
Matthew Hatten
Austin Mattice
Chris Oftelie
Roger Olson

Old Fire Station - Austin, MN