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Square Ft.                                          Total Fee
Minimum                                           $25.00          
10 to  50                                             $35.00          
51 to 100                                            $45.00          
101 to 300                                          $55.00          
301 & Over                                        $65.00          

Swimming Pool

The Planning Commission consists of nine members whose purpose is to conduct hearings and advise the city council on land-use matters, including zoning and development plans. A term on the Planning Commission is four years. Meets second or third Tuesday of every  month at 5:30 pm and for special meetings as called.

Name Address Term
Brad Lindberg 1901 10th St SW 12/31/24
Jana Norman 2100 6th Ave NE 12/31/24
Jay Lutz 1209 20th Street NE 12/31/25
Rita Srock 2007 1st Avenue SE 12/31/25
Megan Burroughs 604 19th Street NW 12/31/26
Jason Duffy 503 31st Street NW 12/31/26
Aaron Stewart 1802 5th Avenue NE 12/31/26
Melissa Swenson 2005 13th Avenue NE 12/31/27
Peter Bartley 305 27th Dr NW 12/31/27
Craig Byram, Assistant City Attorney   433-3483 807 Oakland Avenue West  
Holly Wallace, Planning and Zoning Administrator  437-9952 500 4th Avenue NE  

Agenda / Planning Commission Minutes  /  Current Video of Meeting


The Austin City Planning Commission meetings will held at 5:30 pm in the Austin City Council Chambers located at 500 4th Avenue NE, Austin, Minnesota. A memo will be distributed prior to a meeting if the time, date or location changes, or if it has been cancelled.


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For official verification of the zoning of a property, please call 507-437-9952.