Pillars of the City

The Pillars of the City Committee consists of nine members who make annual recommendations to the City Council of individuals to be recognized on honorary plaques placed on the Mill Pond flood protection wall pillars. It being a new committee, terms are staggered. Beginning in 2019, all appointments will be for three years.

Dedicated Pillars

Randy Forster 1105 5th Avenue NW 12/31/24
Mike Ankeny 102 22nd Street NW 12/31/24
Taggert Medgaarden 1406 30th St. NW 12/31/24
Katie Stromlund 1404 8th Avenue NW 12/31/25
Peggy Benzkofer 104 21st Street NW 12/31/25
Milly Burroughs 1405 16th Avenue SW 12/31/25
Daphne Wagner 1604 1st Avenue SE 12/31/26
Steve Kime 509 15th Avenue SW 12/31/26
Kelsey Ritchie 1407 7th Street SE 12/31/26
Mayor Steve King 500 4th Avenue NE  
Jeff Anderson 106 4th Street SW  
Tom Dankert 500 4th Avenue NE