Park Information

BUSTAD – 8th Street and 14th Ave. SW

BANDSHELL COMMUNITY – 4th Street and 9th Place SW

CULLEN – Between 10th-12th Street & 11th Ave. SW

DECKER – 19th Street and 6th Ave NE.

EAST SIDE LAKE – 8th Ave. and Oakland Place

GALLOWAY – 8th Street and 2nd Ave. SW

HONOR GUARD – 8th Street NE

HORACE AUSTIN – North Main Street

KAUFMAN – 8th Street and 11th Ave. SE

LAFAYETTE – 8th Ave. SE and South Main Street

LAFAYETTE-EAST – 7th Place SE and South Main Street


MURPHY CREEK – 7 St. & 24 Avenue NW

J. C. HORMEL NATURE CENTER – 1304 21 Street NE

DRIESNER – 8th Street and Oakland Place SE

NORTHWEST – 12th Street and 13th Ave. NW


ROTARY CENTENNIAL – South Main & 8th Ave.

SHERMAN – 14th Street and 6th Ave. NW


SOUTH GROVE – 21st Ave. and 4th Drive SW

SUTTON – 12th Street and Oakland Place SE

TODD – 11th Street and 21st Ave. NE

WHITTIER – 7th Street and 3rd Ave. SE

WILDWOOD – 1st Street and 16th Ave. NE

WORLEIN – 606 1 Dr NW


Lions Park…..8 Street & Oakland Place NE
Todd Park by the South Complex…..11 Street & 21 Avenue NE


Rotary Centennial Park…..South Main & 8 Avenue SE
Sherman Park…..14 Street & 6 Avenue NW
South Grove Park…..21 Avenue & 4 Drive SW
Orchard Creek (1/2 Court)…..16 Ave SW
Murphy Creek (1/2 Court)…..7 St & 24 Avenue NW


TOBACCO FREE POLICY: The City of Austin has adopted a policy which prohibits the use of tobacco in all city facilities or at any playground/park location. Please be considerate to others and abide by the policy.

PET RESTRICTIONSPet Ordinance: “Except as hereinafter provided, no pet animals, including horses, are permitted in public parks. Except for horses, pet animals are permitted on all public trails and park roadways with the exception of the three fenced ball complexes: Todd Park North and South & RCC. While using the public trails and park roadways, pet animals shall be adequately restrained by a durable leash, cord, chain or other similar restraint and the pet animals shall be under the direct control of their owner, except that pet animals under the supervision of their owner may be unrestrained in the area designated as the dog park.”The Dog Park area is located East of South Main Street 510 2nd Street SE.


PARK RULES: Parks are closed from 10:30 pm to 7 am. No camping, no driving or parking on the grass, no glass, no hitting golfing balls. Speed limit is 15 mph. For your safety and the safety of others please follow these rules. Violations of this ordinance can carry up to a $700 fine.

BANDSHELL: If a group would like to use the Bandshell they must fill out a request form at the Office. Electricity is available – if used there will be a $25 charge.

BURNING IN PARKS IS PROHIBITED: No open burning/fires are allowed in any park other than in grills for cooking. To use the fire ring at Sutton Park you must obtain a permit at the Park and Recreation office.

WALKING PATHS: There is a 1/2 mile walking path at Shirley Theel Memorial Park which was provided by the ‘ Zontas. The Mill Pond Path is .88 of a mile and located on North Main.


The Todd Park Bike Trail leaves from the Mill Pond Path. The trail heads east along 8th Avenue NE, then North on the East side of the railroad tracks and then into Todd Park. 2.1 miles in length.

The Cedar River Bike Trail leaves from the Mill Pond Path. This trail follows the Cedar River, winding through Driesner Park and ends at the Bandshell Community Park and Skinner’s Hill. 2.1 miles in length.

The East Side Lake Bike Trail leaves the Mill Pond Path and follows 8th Avenue NE to East Side Lake. The trail continues around the lake and follows Oakland Avenue to Driesner Park where it connects to the Cedar River Trail. 2.1 miles in length.

SHELTERS: Several shelters are available in all parks to reserve. You may click on the facility rental tab for more information or call the office to inquire.

DISC GOLF: Intertwined through beautiful Todd Park, located at 11 Street and 21 Avenue NE is a 18 hole disc golf course. South Driesner Park on Oakland Place SE is the location of an exciting 12 hole course and adding 6 more holes throughout this summer. Disc rentals are available at the Park & Recreation Office and we hope to have updated course maps for you too.

KEG PERMITS: Permits are required for kegs in the parks. Permits are available in the Park and Recreation Office. There is a two week waiting period and a $10 fee. Cans are allowed without a permit. Please NO glass.



Shirley Theel Memorial Park Path was provided by the Zontas and is located in Southwest quadrant of the city. The path is .5 miles in length.

Mill Pond Path a bike/walking trail circles the beautiful Mill Pond is located on North Main Street and is .88 miles in length.

Todd Park Bike Trail is 2.4 miles in length and leaves from the Mill Pond Path; the trail then heads East along 8th Avenue NE and continues North on a shady pathway to Todd Park.

Cedar River Bike Trail leaves from Mill Pond Path and following the scenic Cedar River, winding through Driesner Park and ending at the Bandshell Community Park/Skinner’s Hill and is 2.1 miles in length.

East Side Lake Bike Trail advances off the Mill Pond Path and follows 8th Avenue NE to East Side Lake. The trail then continues around the lake and follows Oakland Avenue to Driesner Park where it connects to the Cedar River Trail.

Wildwood Park Trail is 1.25 miles in length and proceeds from Todd Park following a scenic shaded trail behind the Hormel Corporate Office over Wolf Creek and ends at Wildwood Park.