Pet owners or keepers are liable/responsible for the actions of their dogs and cats, thus must pick up and dispose of or take away the pet’s waste. Pet owners need to bring their own pet waste bags along on their park or trail visit and dispose of the waste bag in the closest garbage receptacle. Any unleashed or unattended animal in a park, parkway, trail, or open space will be impounded. Violations may be reported to the City of Austin Animal Control at 437-9940.



The City of Austin requires your cat or dog to be licensed.  Licensing is required for animals three months of age or more.  Licenses may be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office.  You will need to provide proof of rabies shots.  You may provide proof of spaying or neutering for the discounted fee.

Spayed or neutered                 $10.00 (discounted fee)

Not spayed/neutered               $25.00

City Code Requirements


The Dog Park area is located East of South Main Street between 1st and 2nd Street SE along the north side of the river.    Owners must pick up after their pets and pets must be licensed to use the park.

PET RESTRICTIONS: Pets are not allowed in: Todd Park North and South, Marcusen Park, Morning Lions Park, Shirley Theel Park, the Nature Center, or Lafayette Park. Pets are allowed in other parks with the following restrictions: 1) Pets must be on a leash.  2) The owner must clean up after their pet.

PET EXERCISE AREAS:  Areas have been established at the following locations: east of Marcusen Stadium and south of 9 Avenue SE, the area west of St. John’s Church, north of 13 Avenue and west of 12 Street NW, the north end of Eastside Lake and south of 8 Avenue NE from the bridge west, and Whittier Park at 3 Avenue SE and 6 Street SE. In these areas pets may be off their leash but must be under control of their owners at all times.  Owners must clean up after their own pet.